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Personalised Astrological Reports

You can order a thorough, depth, personally analysed report of your birth chart (derived from your unique birth data ) which reveals the total unique you, in all your complexities and potentials from a psychological, spiritual, genetic and karmic perspective. This analysis covers all areas of life, including:

Personality Profile

Your unique gifts, intellectual potential and destiny… Challenges you may need to face and…

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Health & Wellbeing

Astrology can help guide you as to areas of the body you need to particularly look after…

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Family & Relationships

A look at family dynamics and early conditioning and heredity, that is shown in the birth chart…

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Career & Money

A look at your talents, unique gifts, intellectual potential and career options and directions that…

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You can also order, either alone, or additional to the depth chart analysis, a 1 or 2 year FORECAST. This indicates, month by month, when all the various planets and their energies (as they continuously orbit), trigger the planets and significant points in your natal chart, and describes the resulting influences/energies/feelings and events you are likely to experience at these identified times. This helps you anticipate these times in the forecast period and so get the best potential out of them, as they arise.

Monthly Overview plus Sun Sign Forecasts A monthly global overview from an astrological perspective.
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About Leigh Oswald

Astro Analysis is the website of London-based Astrologer and astrological journalist, Leigh Oswald. Leigh has been a practising professional Astrologer for four decades.

Leigh is a qualified teacher and teaches Astrology when time allows. Her academic background prior to studying Astrology included philosophy, psychology, sociology and English literature.

Practising and writing about Astrology has allowed Leigh to bring together many of these disciplines. When she found Astrology, Leigh felt as if she had “come home”.