Birth Chart Components

Birthchart Components
Each Birthchart is a map indicating the potential and life circumstances and experiences of the individual.

The Birthchart is comprised of various components :

The Birthchart

The Birthchart is effectively the ‘freezing’ of a moment in time in the dynamic machinations of our solar system.

The exact time and location of birth is needed – as well as the date – to get the most accurate symbolic photograph of the planetary energies encapsulated in the Birthchart.

This map or chart is made up of ten planetary bodies (or eleven, including the recently discovered planetoid Chiron) – each of which occupies any one of the twelve signs, and also any one of the twelve houses of the zodiac.

The Planets

The planets indicate the nature of the energy that is operating, and the sign each planet is in, shows how that energy is operating. The house shows where that energy is happening.

For example you may have Mars in Libra in the second house.

Mars = assertion, ambition
Libra = beauty, arts and PR skills
Second House = security issues/money

Put together, the interpretation could be: “An extra strong ambition to create personal financial security, achieved through the arts, the beauty industry or through PR or negotiating skills”.

How successfully (or not) this is achieved, would be revealed by how Mars was aspected or affected by other planets at work in your chart.

The Angles

The planets at the moment of birth make many different angular (geometric) relationships to each other and to significant other points of the chart.

Each angle further reveals a specific meaning in the individual’s map and shows an harmonious or challenging dynamic at work between planets and points.

The web of angular relationships built up shows a meaningful pattern being formed across the chart. See Effects of Astrology for more information.


The identification of the all-important Ascendant (rising sign) and the Midheaven (MC) are also of great significance in determining how all the factors in the chart are mediated by the native.

Fairly accurate time of birth is necessary for the correct calculation of the Ascendant.

The Big Picture

It is obvious therefore that the permutations possible are extremely large, and in total the complex factors shown in the chart go a long way to reveal to the Astrologer the unique qualities of that person.

Factors such as temperament, idiosyncrasies, impulses, sorts of life experiences, talents, potentials, career orientation, genetic and family influences, difficulties – even karmic tendencies or fate – can be identified in a good Astrological reading.

Analysing the Birthchart

In order to forecast trends in a person’s life/experience, the Astrologer merely plots the path of the planets as they dynamically move around the ecliptic (orbital path) and superimposes these movements on to the frozen map of the native, which is the natal chart.

When significant contacts are made by these moving planets to the natal planets and points, this indicates periods of time when change or events happen in the individual’s life which, according to the nature of the contacts, are of varying significance, size and quality.

Since the Astrologer is able to indicate when these events are likely to happen, it allows for intelligent anticipation.

Equally, by retrospectively looking at past planetary movements, one can gain greater understanding of one’s life experience. See Effects of Astrology for more information.

The connection between man and the moving spheres can be considered as correlative, if not causal.