Effects of Astrology

Astrology is a relevant, dynamic and unique approach to understanding the self. Whether you are concerned about understanding repeating patterns within your life – and discovering how to change them – or broader philosophical issues, such as the the Astrological perspective on fate versus free will, read below to find out how this remarkable and insightful discipline can benefit you.

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Your Birthchart is Unique to You

Each birthchart is like a fingerprint, unique to each person. Sunsign Astrology is very inadequate in terms of real understanding of the powers of Astrology, and can do little to enhance its case.

Not only the date, but the place and time (as accurate as possible) is a must for the most precise analysis of your chart.

Astrology is a spiritual science and a profound belief system, that combines both the psychological and the spiritual.

Fate & Free Will

The principle of psychological Astrology is tha t’character is fate’. This implies that certain predispositions – as revealed in the birthchart – are likely to propel you into certain decisions and circumstances. After all the world is seen as we are, not as it is.

Astrology can help you gain great insight into the psyche and your own predisposition. It indicates much in terms of heredity/genetic tendencies. Additionally it points to conditioning, family relationships and childhood experiences.

It reveals the strengths, potentials and specific gifts of our nature, as well as the challenges and ‘weak links’ in our chain. These have to be attended to and confronted in order to bring out our best potential.

Astrology is brilliant for aiding this process and frees up choices through self-understanding. The Birthchart indicates likely scenarios encountered in all areas of life – home, work, relationships, money and health – usually with unerring accuracy.

If we can enlarge our vision – and therefore our choices – because of increased self-knowledge, we are more likely to find fulfillment.

Happiness is a by-product of learning well and having greater understanding of oneself. Astrology is a great shortcut to self-wisdom – which is no conceit.

Patterns & Circumstances

Astrology can give effective career, relationship and health guidance, because it empowers the individual to understand and accept patterns and predispositions. It can help one to accept certain situations with greater understanding and compassion.

I believe that the chart often indicates seemingly unavoidable circumstances that are encountered in the individual’s life. One can call this fate if one wants. From a spiritual perspective, one can allude in these circumstances to karmic conditions. But however it is approached, it would seem that the learning curve that is life, is sometimes only made possible by the hand of fate.

In this case. the free will versus fate argument is often best reduced to Jung’s analysis that : “Freedom of will is the ability to do gladly what I must do”. Adopting this objective universal position can help one to avoid destructive knee-jerk reactions to certain situations. This is why Astrology can be so helpful and enlightening.

The nature/nurture argument is made virtually redundant by Astrology, as the intricate weaving of the two make their separation irrelevant.

There are many spiritual astrologers that believe we choose our parents. We are in some way predetermined to know what we have to experience, and to learn in this life, and vice versa – parents get the children who help them to learn.