In Depth Analysis of Your Birth Chart

This is a full, in depth, personally analysed look at the fundamentals of who you are as revealed by your birth chart. This is about you from a psychological, spiritual, karmic and genetic perspective, as it applies to your being and how you experience and handle your life in all its facets; work, relationships, family, finances, health, spirituality.


The forecast is a an explanation of the energies at work within and without that during that period (whether seemingly advantageous or challenging) that help you understand how best to use them to your best advantage. Relationship and career events – and all areas of life – are flagged up for attention during the time that the forecast runs for.

The readings can be done face to face, over the phone, Skype or by mail order. Audio files are uploaded online and you will be sent a link to download, or Leigh can post an audio CD to you.


Please provide your email address, name, date of birth, time of birth (if known) and town and country of birth when ordering. Also indicate which areas you would like to explore. Please click here to contact Leigh.

  • Depth analysis of birth chart £155 (2 hours approx)

  • Depth analysis of birth chart + 1 year forecast £215 (3 hours approx)

  • Depth analysis of birth chart+ 2 year forecast £265 (3-4 hours approx)

  • 1 year forecast alone £80 (1 hour approx)

  • 2 year forecast alone £140 (2 hours approx)

  • Synastry/Composite Analysis – compatability, analysis between two (or more) people in whatever context specified £90

  • Astrology lessons for groups or one on one (fees on request)
  • Astrological journalism (fees on request)

Please contact Leigh for further information or to book a consultation, Skype reading or mail order reading.

Payment is through PayPal®, bank transfer or cheque. Please read Terms & Conditions for further information.

NOTE: After placing an order using the contact form, please provide all birth details including: date, place of birth and time of birth. Thank you.

Areas covered in the Readings


A look at your talents, unique gifts, intellectual potential and career options and directions that suit you and which would most likely lead to successful directions. A birth chart can identify true vocations.


A look at the types of relationships you attract, and how you can best manage them. It can identify the astrological signs (types) that you are likely to be drawn to and the qualities you need in a relationship.

It can also warn you against the tendencies in your attractions and in relationship dynamics, as revealed in your chart, that can bring challenges. Birth chart analysis can help you become aware of these, and why they happen, so you can avoid them and stop them repeating themselves.


A look at family dynamics and early conditioning and heredity, that is shown in the birth chart, can help explain many issues that have shaped you and by recognising them and accepting them you can become more conscious and understanding of them to your best advantage.


A look at your type when it comes to attitude to money and values and a guide as to pitfalls and advantages re dealings in both individual and joint finances.

Health and Well Being

Astrology can help guide you as to areas of the body you need to particularly look after (we all have vulnerabilities) and how your body benefits from certain environments and where stress levels can be most likely and so alleviated. It can also point to spiritual self understanding and needs.

Geographical Locations

This can give guidance on particular countries/cities that may well be part of your life and where you can feel an affinity with. The chart can also identify how much travel/international dimensions is likely and how much it is a significant influence in your life.

Astrology Lessons

Leigh is also available for teaching astrology, both one to one and in groups. Contact Leigh for fees for this service.